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I really enjoyed this game It's nice to play a game that's relaxing and charming I hope this game get's a longer version sometime as I would definitely play it.

I'm so happy you enjoyed it! We all know that the world went kind of crazy recently, now that things have calmed down a little, I'm hoping to work on a longer version of this :)


Amazing job ! I enjoyed every aspects of this game. The graphics are truly beautiful and the music is so nice! I would definitively buy a longer version, it was such a pleasant experience ! Thank you very much for this poetic yet fun moment!

I'm so happy to hear that! Thank you so much for playing!


A fun little game. The idea and the concept is really good, you should make a longer version. 

thanks so much for playing! Hopefully I'll be working on a longer version soon :)


I played the game and liked it, while it was a very short game I think the concept was amazing and overall a fun play. 


Thanks so much for playing!!!


no problem


Aww:( i wanted more! super cute game 


Thanks for playing! Hopefully there'll be more in the future :)

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For today's Itch Dot Io Indie we go back to the Chalkboard and do a write up on how simplicity is key.

Simply put Chalkboard is the very essence of stellar indie gaming. Upon introducing a novel mechanic layers of difficulty are slowly added with more and more being asked of the player to consider as they travel through a peaceful yet eerie landscape.

If I were to criticise this Itch Dot Io indie it would have to be that the puzzle complexity does not fully utilise the depth afforded to it by the chalk interaction. As although the chalk drawing mechanic is a simple one there are many directions in which the chalk could be used to navigate the environment (with one boat level in particular standing out as an example of this).

However it must be noted that this is a prototype and so I will be keeping a close eye on this project as it moves forward <3

As an aside 'Chalkboard' would make for a brilliant Nintendo Indie title on the Switch were it to get an expanded stage of development as the utilisation of the Switch touch screen would make for a very tactile experience


Thank you so much for playing <3


A great concept, well implemented, and lovely artwork.

Thank you very much for playing!


Hi I really like your game, I'd love to interview you about it for my university assignment . Can I have your email to send you my questions?

Thanks for playing, if you want you can reach me at


hermosa experencia con una ambientación muy cuidada y una música que le va como anillo al dedo. Una pena que se me hizo muy corto.

Thank you very much! This is also a bit of a prototype version of the concept, hopefully this year I'll be able to start working on a longer version 

Hey guys! I was fascinated by the concept of the game so I downloaded it right away. I can't install it however. The installer file (linux edition) is .exe and Ubuntu (19.04) can't run it. Do I have to use Wine or PlayOnLinux to install? If so, will I at least be able to play the game without opening Wine interface afterwards? Hope you can help :) Really looking forward to playing this!


Nevermind, I worked it out. Nothing to do with Wine. The game is awesome! Big props guys :)

I'm really glad you worked it out! Thanks so much for playing!!


This game is cool and the font is too


Thank you for playing!!!




Really love the atmosphere and the core mechanics :) Cool graphics, style and sound design! When you cut the wall it would better if world reacted according to location and size of a hole, i guess. Keep it up!


Hey, thanks for playing! I agree with you, it's something I want to work on in the future. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

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Thanks so much for playing!